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Have you ever dreamt of writing and publishing your own eBook, but found yourself hindered by lack of time, energy, or the daunting face of the blank page?

Your SOlution Has Arrived!


the marvel of artificial intelligence that's turning dreams into reality for budding authors and entrepreneurs everywhere.

imaging the power to create

engaging, informative, and complelling ebooks

all with just a handfull of keywords. The time has come to stop dreaming and start creating.

No more writers block. No more endless hours of research. No more missed deadlines. With Book Maxed AI we've handed you the power to churn out eBook after eBook wish and ease you've never experienced before. 

The game-changer? An AI so advanced, it seems like magic. You provide a few keywords and our system will give you a complete, well-researched eBook.

Firstly, our software is powered by AI and ChatGPT, making it one of the most sought-after and advanced solutions available today.

Secondly, we provide you with ready to go software,  giving you the ability to create you own AI written eBooks right away.

Finally, you'll benefit from your very own eBook writer, a tool crafted by one of the industry's leading software experts.

Welcome to the Book Maxed AI Revolution!

Get Ready To Captivate Your Readers.

 This system will amaze you at what it can do.  It is so simple to use but so powerful as well! Three clicks is all it takes to create an ebook. 


Enter your project name, choose the category or create a new one. Decide on the words per chapter and how many chapters you require. Add the topic you want to book to be about. Then choose your audience and writing tone. That's click one!


The system will generate ten ideas for book titles choose the one you want to use or click regen for another ten ideas. You can also manually edit any of the titles if you like one but just want it to be a little different. Choose the title click next...thats click two.


The system then outlines the book.  Again you can add or edit anything you wish and also "regen" the whole outline. Then click next and the system goes off and works its magic to start building your ebook. That's click three!

Your New eBook is Now Being Generated

Your eBook is complete and ready to download. BUT you can format it directly in the software.  Let's say you want to change the font, add images or links in you can do that right here. In fact you can add anything you wish. Then you can download your eBook as a PDF, text or doc file. The eBook is also stored in the software and you can go back and edit at any time. You can even regenerate the whole book if you wish.

The Cost Of Traditional eBook Creation

Have you ever hired a copywriter to create and eBook? If so, you know the dent it can put in your wallet. Professional copywriters don't come cheap, and rightfully so. Crafting compelling copy requires skill, experience, and time - and it's this last component that really ramps up the costs. A professional copywriter can take weeks or even months to research, write, and polish an eBook to perfection. And while the end product might be high-quality, the costs - both in time and money - can be prohibitive.

But With Book Maxed AI, You Can Say Goodbye To Those Expensive Bills And Lengthy Waiting Times.

The Book Maxed AI Advantage

With Book Maxed AI, you're not just getting an AI-powered ebook writer. You're receiving a dependable partner, Ready to Work 24/7, bringing your ideas to life. 

No lunch breaks, no sick days, just pure productivity. In terms of costs savinngs, Book Maxed AI is a Game-Changer.  By automating the writing process, Book Maxed AI can save you Hundreds or even thousands of dollars per eBook. 

And Considering The Speed At Which Book Maxed AI Works,

You'll Also Save Weeks Of Time.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Here are even more reasons why

Books Maxed AI is the perfect addition to your business toolkit

Fast and Easy eBook Creation

Save time and effort by crafting professional-grade eBooks in just minutes, even without writing or design skills.

Endless Customization Options

Personalise every aspect of your eBooks, making them stand out in the competitive market.

High-Profit Potential

Capitalise on the booming eBook industry by offering a top-quality product with an attractive, personalised touch.

Now, let's consider why purchasing

 our white-label software, EScribe, with full source code access makes good business sense:

Lower Initial Investment. By investing in EScribe, you eliminate the high upfront costs associated with developing a software solution from scratch, allowing you to allocate your resources more effectively.

Faster Time-to-Market. EScribe is a proven, ready-to-use product that you can rebrand and sell immediately, giving you a head start in the competitive eBook market.

Customization and Control. With full source code access, you have the flexibility to modify and improve EScribe according to your business needs, without starting from scratch.

Comprehensive Marketing Materials. Jumpstart your sales with ready-to-use marketing assets that make promoting your software a breeze, reducing the need for extensive marketing investment.

Ongoing Support and Updates. Stay ahead of the competition with ongoing software updates and dedicated customer support, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your clients without the need for a dedicated in-house team.

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to Secure Your Future in the Booming eBook Market! You might be wondering if you can afford to wait before making a decision about Book Maxed AI. But the truth is, waiting could cost you dearly. Here's why you should invest today before this incredible system gets removed:

Limited Availability

We're offering Book Maxed AI to a limited amount of early adopters only.

Once these spots are sold out, we may never release more – or we might offer them at a significantly higher price. 

Don't miss your chance to join this exclusive group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Skyrocketing Demand

The eBook market is growing at an unprecedented rate, and the demand for powerful, user-friendly eBook creation tools has never been higher.

By investing in Book Maxed AI today, you'll be well-positioned to ride the wave of this booming industry and secure your slice of the profits.

Competitive Advantage

Every day you wait is another day that your competitors are getting ahead in the market.

By investing in Book Maxed AI now, you'll gain a significant edge over your competition with a high-quality, customisable software solution that's ready for immediate use.

Rising Costs

As the demand for our software solutions continues to soar, so do the costs associated with acquiring and customising such products.

By investing in Book Maxed AI today, you'll lock in the current pricing and avoid paying a premium in the future.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity

invest in Book Maxed AI today and start building the business of your dreams!

For fast action takers we are also including… Our giveaway packs these include.

Four done for your 20 page reports on how to use ebooks in your marketing. These are fully formatted but you also get the source documents as well. Add in the link to your websites and promotions and you can give away the report.

All graphics to go with the four done for you reports/ebooks. These are created by our amazing in-house graphics team. You get the PSD’s as well.

Four videos that are done and ready to use that you can give away that will help you promote your new ebooks.

Our giveaway packs would cost $297 but they are yours today if you take action.

Our Ironclad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Try EScribe Risk-Free and Experience the Difference for Yourself!

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

At Book Maxed AI, we stand behind our product 100%. That's why w're offering a rock-solid, 30-day guarantee. Try Book Maxed AI. Use It. Put it through it's paces. If you don't feel it's worth every penny, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. 




Be sure to read of frequently asked questions

Is Book Maxed AI Hard To Set Up?

We provide you with your login information by email and you are ready to get creating ebooks. We also have a support desk who are on hand to assist you in setting up Book Maxed AI incase you run into difficulty


The software can used to create an unlimited amount of ebooks. Book Maxed AI uses Open AI and you will need you an Open AI API key. Once you have this you can create as many ebooks as you want!

What Do I Need?

Apart from you Book Maxed AI account the only thing you need to operate your software is an Open AI API Key. 

Will I Need OPenAI API?

You will need access to the API key from OpenAI. This controls everything the system does. There is no cost to get an Open AI API key, but you will be charged a few pence every time you create a new ebook by Open AI. 



We're So Confident In The

power and potential

of EScribe that we're offering an unbeatable, no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Here's how it works: From the moment you invest in EScribe, you'll have a full 30 days to test-drive the software, explore its features, and experience the benefits of our white-label rights and full source code access. If, within that time, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply...

let us know and we'll

promptly refund 100%

of your investment – no hassles, no hard feelings. We believe that the best way to truly understand the value of EScribe is to see it in action for yourself. With our ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee, you can do just that – completely risk-free. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in EScribe today and unlock the unlimited profit potential that's waiting for you in the booming eBook market!